Little Actions We Can Take to Help Save the Ocean

8, June 2018 11:18 AM
June 8th is World Oceans Day. We celebrate World Oceans Day to remind everyone of the major role the oceans have in everyday life. Oceans cover 71% of the globe, and they are as important to us as they are vast. More than ever, the destiny of the ocean is in our hands. To be good stewards and leave a thriving ocean for future generations, we need to make changes big and small wherever we are. How can we, as citizens of the world, help save the ocean and make a positive impact?

Reduce Energy Consumption

Turn off all lights and electronics when not in use. Experts found that many household electronics, like kitchen appliances, gaming consoles, and computers continue drawing power after they are switched off. Eliminate this extra energy use by unplugging your electronics when they are not in use. Some even suggest using a power strip; this way, you can safely and quickly cut power to electronics that are not in use by simply switching the bar off. 

Alternative Ways of Trasportation 

Drive a fuel-efficient car, car pool, or use public transit. Each time you drive, your car’s carbon emissions spread into the atmosphere. As atmospheric carbon dioxide rises, so it does in the ocean, as the ocean absorbs a large amount of the world's carbon dioxide. Now that summer is getting closer, consider walking and biking for short trips. With the recent addition of Vancouver's Bike Sharing services provided by ShawGo, Mobi allows us to travel within the city more easily than ever. This community bike sharing system has over 120 stations across the lower mainland. 
Vancouver City Biking Save the Ocean

Make Safe, Sustainable Seafood Choices

Fish populations around the world are rapidly being depleted due to demand, loss of habitat, and unsustainable fishing practices. When shopping or dining out, help reduce the demand for overexploited species by choosing seafood that is both healthful and sustainable. Meinhardt is a proud partner of Ocean Wise, a Vancouver Aquarium conservation program created to help businesses and their customers identify and purchase sustainable seafood. The Ocean Wise seafood program helps ensure the health of our oceans for generations to come.
Meinhardt Beautiful Seafood Display - Ocean Wise Helps Save Ocean

Remember, little actions can make a big difference. Let's work towards building a better future for our healthy oceans and those we care about.
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