Perfect Host or Hostess Gifts For The 2021 Holidays

16, December 2021 09:55 AM

The holidays are quickly approaching which means it’s time to start planning for holiday dinners and parties once again. Whether you’ll be meeting virtually or in person this season gifting your hostess or host with the perfect “thank you” token won’t go unnoticed.
If you’re lucky enough to be invited to a Christmas, New Year, or any holiday celebration this year, you’ll likely be more excited than ever and will want to show your gratitude with a memorable gift. Ensure you choose the right host or hostess gift and your consideration won’t go unnoticed. You can always go with the traditional options like a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine, but at Meinhardt Fine Foods we like to kick things up a notch.
Instead of sticking to a small traditional gift why not go all out and give your event host or hostess a gift they really deserve? How about a beautiful gourmet gift basket filled with a curated selection of local and international products? A gift basket is the perfect option when you’re looking for a gift that’s a showstopper and a crowd-pleaser. Instead of one small gift, you get to give a carefully selected array of items that have been beautifully displayed for everyone to see.
Below, you’ll find a selection of our favourite gift baskets that are perfect for any host or hostess.


Wine O’Clock Gift Box

Whatever the occasion, this gift box is sure to spread good cheer. Open, serve and enjoy good vibes and everything gourmet! Select one or two  bottles of BC wine to pair with some of our favourite nibbles.  
This is the perfect gift for the wine-loving event host or hostess. Instead of simply gifting a bottle of wine this gift box is sure to impress with a wide selection of gourmet goodies and a beautiful wooden crate box.
This gift box features Sable & Rosenfeld Tipsy Tapas Cheese Stuffed Sweet Peppers and 34 Degree Savory Crisps along with a wide selection of sweet and savoury treats and a bottle (or two) of BC wine.
Note: This gift box can only be shipped within British Columbia.


Holiday Sweet Treats Gift Box

Make a lasting impression with this joyful holiday gift box. A splendid collection of cookies, chocolate and candy to add good cheer at this special time of year.
Bring a little bit of Christmas cheer to your host or hostess with this festive gift box filled with holiday favourites including Kras Cherry Griotte, Mediterranean sour cherry and liquor-filled dark chocolates!


Party To Go Gift Box

‘Tis the time to be joyful, celebrate, and say thank you. The Party To Go gift box has been designed with both savoury and sweet delicacies that are easily shared. This is the perfect host or hostess gift for a party-loving host or hostess.  
Let them enjoy this gift box on their own or open it up and let the party begin!
This gift box features Le Mère Poulard Butter Biscuits and La Panzanella Crackers along with 14 other sweet and savoury party-themed gourmet products.


Fresh & Fruitful Platter

This platter is a perfectly balanced selection of goods that is artistic and ready to be served!  
This is the perfect host or hostess gift for a potluck or dinner party. This ready-made charcuterie-style platter is a delicious gift and addition to any party or event. This gift will simplify the party-planning process and will put any host or hostess at ease.
This platter features SeaChange Smoked Salmon Pate, fresh fruit, cheese, and an array of crackers, jams, and accompaniments.


Season Sparkles Gift Box

Get the party popping! Festive and fancy, this gift box comes with a bottle of either LaMarca Prosecco or Castelnau Brut Reserve Champagne. The only thing you’ll need for either of these boxes is a note to express your good wishes!  
Your host or hostess can enjoy this beautifully curated selection of snacks and treats including Cucina & Amore Artichoke Bruschetta and bellini-inspired Meinhardt Peach Prosecco Sparkling Jam while sipping on a glass of bubbling prosecco or champagne.


Tea Time Gift Set

Revitalize and relax with this Tea Time gift box. It features a combination of elegant products with quality ingredients and a gourmet appeal. All the products are packed in a wooden tea storage box with a dark stain.
This gift set is the perfect self-care gift for a tea-loving host or hostess or anyone looking for a comforting sweet treat.
This gift set features a Justea Herbal Tea Caffeine Free Trio and an Olive Tree Honey Dipper which is handcrafted in France using premium olive wood along with an assortment of other teatime favourites.
Meinhardt Fine Food’s products are carefully chosen for their individuality and gourmet appeal. We take great care with local delivery of our beautifully wrapped “open-style” gift boxes. Whether you choose a standard box or a wooden crate, you’ll find your gift is both stylish and reflective of the quality of the products contained within.  Discover our full selection!
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