3 Tasty Ways to Squeeze More Vitamin C Into Your Life

18, February 2022 01:18 PM

Are you craving more wellness in your diet? Incorporating more vitamin C into your routine can help boost your immune system, offer collagen support, aid iron absorption, and so much more! Adding this powerful, antioxidant-rich vitamin to your diet is an easy step to a healthier lifestyle.

Sometimes getting enough vitamin C in our diets can be a struggle; it can be daunting to think about eating mountains of citrus fruit. Thankfully, there are plenty easy of ways to incorporate more vitamin C into our diets including delicious cold-pressed juice.

Here are out top 3 ways to squeeze more vitamin C into your life.


1. Eat Your Fruits and Veggies Raw

When vegetables and fruits are cooked some of the vital nutrients, including vitamin C, get stripped from the food. By leaving them raw you’re ensuring that all of the vitamins and nutrients are getting into your body.

Try adding raw vegetables or fruits to salads or add a sauce or dip and have them as a side with lunch or dinner.

2. Always Have Vitamin-C Rich Foods Available

Try keeping a bowl of vitamin-C rich foods in your kitchen that you can easily snack on. Fruits like oranges, red bell pepper, mangos, broccoli, grapefruit, or kiwi are all tasty and high in vitamin C, which makes them an easy choice.

For quick grab-and-go options, make sure you always have a selection of fresh cold-pressed juice in the fridge that you can take with you to work or to run errands. Having a well-stocked fridge means you can keep on track with your goals and won’t have to think about where your Vitamin C is coming from.

3. Drink More Cold-Pressed Juice

100% cold-pressed juice that is filled with vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables is one of the easiest (and tastiest) ways to increase your vitamin C intake.

Meinhardt Fine Foods is proudly selling bottles of 100% cold-pressed juice made by Chasers Juice in British Columbia. For a boost in Vitamin C try a bottle of Orange, Turmeric Sunrise, Cold K, or Grapefruit Juice. They’re made with ingredients that are pure, authentic, and delicious.

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