Gifts For The Foodie in Your Life

11, March 2022 11:07 AM
For some people, food is the best gift they could receive. Whether it’s a bottle of olive oil imported from Italy, a jar of fresh locally made jam, or a box of freshly made cookies, food is a gift that goes straight to the heart (and the stomach).

Food gift baskets offer a combination of presentation, taste, and thoughtfulness that can be appreciated by any special person in your life. The term “food gift basket” can often bring to mind a mix of stale crackers, somewhat fresh fruit, and cookies that were kept on the shelves for a little but too long. Thankfully, these foodie gift basket ideas are not that. Instead, these thoughtfully curated gifts are delicious, fresh, and guaranteed to be eaten as soon as they’re unwrapped. No more regifting.

This list of the best food gift baskets includes options to impress any foodie in your life including the wine lovers, cheese lovers, and those people who always want to try something new.

Wine O’Clock Gift Box

This gift box is sure to put a smile on the wine-love in your life’s face. Open, serve and enjoy good vibes and everything gourmet! Select one or two  bottles of BC wine to pair with some of our favourite nibbles.

This gift has everything you’ll need to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Instead of simply gifting a bottle of wine this gift box is sure to impress with a wide selection of gourmet goodies and a beautiful wooden crate box.

This gift box features Sable & Rosenfeld Tipsy Tapas Cheese Stuffed Sweet Peppers and 34 Degree Savory Crisps along with a wide selection of sweet and savoury treats and a bottle (or two) of BC wine.

Note: This gift box can only be shipped within British Columbia.

 Meinhardt Collection Gift Box

Meinhardt Fine Food’s signature collection of savoury and sweet products is ready to feed your curiosity! This gift box is a popular choice to surprise foodies who live outside of Vancouver.

This gift box features Meinhardt Caramel Nuggets and Meinhardt Cocoa Dusted Truffles along with all our favourite Meinhardt Fine Foods products.

Foodie Adventure Gift Box

If you are wanting to give a  gift to a foodie who loves to try new products and brands, this is the one for you! The Foodie Adventure gift basket feaures a variety of curated products from around the world.

This gift box features Monograno organic Italian Pasta and organic Jesse Tree Olives along with a wide selection of other foodie favourites.

Best Of The West Gift Box

Ranked Meinhardt Fine Food’s number one choice year after year, this gift box is sure to impress. Share the many reasons you choose to live, eat and play in beautiful British Columbia. It’s local gourmet at its best. Ideal for the foodie in your life who loves all things local.

This gift box features ​​Jenny Marie’s handmade vegan Crackers, baked fresh in Rock Bay, Victoria, BC and BC Brine Pickled Beans along with a wide selection of other British Columbian-made products.


The Deluxe Gift Box

The Deluxe Plus gift box contains Meinhardt Fine Foods’ finest offerings of exquisite products and is sure to impress any client, customer, or employee.

This over-the-top gift box will captivate those who are fond of fine foods. This is for the foodies in your life who can just never have enough.

This gift box features a Cheers! by Sugarfina® Candy Bento Box and Ceder’s Distilled Non-Alcoholic Gin along with 18 other showstopping gourmet food selections.

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