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29, July 2022 08:58 AM
Summer’s still here and isn’t slowing down anytime soon. That means there’s still plenty of time for cookouts and BBQ fun. In fact, we’re confident you’re still enjoying summer - but are you running out of ideas for what to cook?

Introducing Meinhardt Fine Food’s Butcher Bundles. By buying these bundles, you’ll be saving money in the long run. And with the number of meats included in each bundle, you’ll be well-stocked with meat for weekly meal planning, your next summer BBQ, and even great breakfasts on the grill!

 Breakfast on the Grill?

Yes – you can enjoy a full breakfast on the grill. Of course, you may need to modify a thing or two, but in the mornings, when it’s cooler, nothing starts summer fun with a grilled breakfast.
But wait, you say, what about hash browns, eggs, pancakes, toast, and breakfast food that can’t go on the grill? What if we told you there was a way to make all of these delicious breakfast foods grillable? Simple: tin foil or a cast iron skillet.

We already covered how eggs can be cooked in their shells on the grill and how you can grill a mean French toast. But did you know that with a piece of tin foil, you can make an unforgettable omelette to pair with our Hormone-free bacon and variety of breakfast sausages in our Rise and Shine Bundle?  

Grilled Omelettes

First, shape your tin foil into boats. These should be big enough to hold two eggs mixed with cooked meats, veggies, cheese, and anything else you want to include. Then, chop up peppers, onions, spinach, basil leaves, fresh parsley, ham, or anything else you like. Then, in a mixing bowl, crack two eggs per omelette and beat until combined. Pour your mixings in – we recommend about ½ cup to every cup of egg mixture. Then, ladle the eggs and combined mixings into your boat – one to two ladles should do – and put them on the grill for about five minutes or until your desired doneness. Then, savour the smoky flavour in your new favourite omelette recipe!

If you’re serving your family or overnight company, you can go one step further by making an omelette bar. Mix two eggs per guest, put out different toppings, and put the boats out. Brush the boats with butter or oil or spray them with cooking spray. Then, have your guests take a boat, scoop their desired toppings in, and fill the rest of the boat with egg mixtures. Place each one on the grill, serve with bacon and sausage, and enjoy an unforgettable breakfast feast!

Variety in your life

If you want to stock up on a variety of meats, now’s your chance. Never say you don’t know what to make for dinner again. From angus beef stew to free roam chicken legs, you’ll have so much variety in your freezer that you’ll always have something to make, especially with our Freezer Filler Bundle or our Variety Pack.

Having meat in your freezer at the ready can help you plan meals for the next week, two, or all month long depending on how many people you’re feeding. If you order our summer BBQ pack, you’ll have enough variety to keep all of your meat-loving friends happy during your cookout.

Don’t eat red meat? Does the phrase “tastes like chicken” make your moth water? Try our Chicken Lovers Bundle!

 How can I pick up my bundle?

First, call our location in South Granville or order online with our form. You need to order your bundle at least 72 hours beforehand, so call ahead a few days before you’re ready to pick up your order. Then, once your butcher bundle is ready, stop by Meinhardt Fine Foods at 3002 Granville St. and see our butchers. They’re knowledgeable about preparation and storage and can also give you tips and tricks about cooking, marinating, and pairing your meats with great sides. Be sure to check out our full grocery selection while you’re here and pick up everything you need for the BBQ, dinner this week, or a scrumptious breakfast.

Order your Butcher Bundle here!

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