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12, August 2022 01:53 PM
Summer events can mean big cookouts, BBQs, and feasts galore. But if you’re short on time or don’t have the energy to cook for an army, you can still provide your event with delicious eats. Meinhardt’s here with local and global goodness for your next party, corporate event, or celebration.
Whether you’re closer to Pacific Centre or South Granville, each Meinhardt location provides unique, delicious catering options. Let’s dive in!

Delicious salads

Whether you need something light and airy or hearty and filling, we have the salad for you. Our fare ranges from a classic Caesar salad to our own spins on Kale salad, featuring hummus dressing and sunflower seeds, and broccoli salad with peppers, colourful red onions, and tofu dressing. We even have solo entries available, perfect for pre-buying lunches for the week! From a sweet berry salad to a hearty, filling cobb salad, you’ll be satisfied all workweek with our pre-made eats.
Please note, in order to ensure fresh goodness, our menu is seasonal. Ask about changes before you order.

Hors D’oeuvres

Give your guests something to munch on as the party gets going. Meinhardt has both hot and cold hors d’oeuvres to select, including cold skewers, hot skewers, bruschetta with goat cheese, and mini vegetable spring rolls filled with cabbage, green onion, beans, carrot, water chestnut, corn and onion that’s served with sweet chili sauce.

Sandwich platters and Lunch boxes

Are you hosting a corporate luncheon, presentation, or event? If so, our sandwich platters and lunch boxes are perfect for your next business occasion. They’re also a great choice for back-to-school orientations.

Choose from a wide selection of sandwiches or wraps, including meatball, grilled chicken, ham & Swiss, corned beef, and vegetarian options like tomato bocconcini or roasted peppers and zucchini. We even have a breakfast option: chorizo scrambled egg and the classic Caesar chicken wrap.

If you’re serving lunch at a presentation or a workshop, lunch boxes are a convenient way to serve your guests in style. Don’t just settle for the same, boring ham sandwiches and potato chips. Meinhardt offers honey-glazed ham and Swiss with Dijon mayonnaise, turkey with cranberry mayonnaise, and more twists on classic selections. Each box comes with a Meinhardt cookie and fresh apple, and our deluxe boxes come with our Kale or our garden salad, made with mixed baby greens, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, and served with raspberry vinaigrette.

Platters and Family-Style options

For more casual events, order some platters or a family-style Indian meal so your guests can serve themselves. Our Indian meals come with two meat and one vegetarian option, and basmati rice. Choose from six selections that you can find here. Be advised: our Indian family-style meal will need to be reheated before serving.
If you’re hosting a more buffet-style event, a sushi platter will surely please your guests. Choose between two platters containing an assortment of different maki rolls and pieces of nigiri. We also offer a veggie sushi platter. Be sure to call 24 hours in advance to order the perfect sushi platter.

Meinhardt also has an assortment of platters featuring fresh, seasonal eats. From fruit and veggie platters to cheese and antipasto platters fit for any charcuterie spread, you’ll find a lot of variety for your guests to nibble on. Want to deliver a unique experience? Check out our breakfast platters, featuring muffins, scones, bread loaves, and more for your guests to wake up to.

Dessert and Drinks

No meal is complete without dessert. Enjoy an assortment of bars, including brownies, cheesecake squares, lemon bars, and a vegan chocolate square Plus, indulge in macarons and other seasonal goodies with our Bar Assortment platter. And who can pass up cookies? Pick up an assortment or purchase cookies by the dozen. Need a cake for a special occasion? Pick up a chocolate decadence or carrot cake. If you’re feeding the office, pick up a slab cake in the same delicious flavours.  

For a refreshing experience, why not include Meinhardt’s assortment of freshly squeezed juices or fizzy, all-natural kombucha and sodas? Perfect to wash down any of our catering options, select beverages from local companies like The Juice Truck or internationally-renowned sodas from Boylan and kombucha from Quebec’s own Rise Kombucha.

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