Welcome Fall in Vancouver with the Perfect Gift Boxes

7, September 2022 01:28 PM

Fall in love with Vancouver’s Favourite Gift Boxes 

Fall is approaching in Vancouver. Back to school, fall colours, cooling temperatures, and international festivals bring a change in the air in Western Canada. Although autumn doesn’t officially begin until the end of September, it’s not too early to think about fall, especially since it’s coming up fast. 

Squeezed between summer and the holiday season, fall is also an overlooked time to give people gifts. It shouldn’t be! Fall birthdays, showing the teachers in your lives support, celebrating events, and even giving the hikers in your life some snacks for the trail are some great reasons to reach out with a gift. If you want delicious treats and eats shipped to your loved ones in time for fall, now’s the time to start thinking about it. 

Meinhardt ships gift boxes all over Vancouver and Western Canada, so if you’re gifting for people locally who love food, bring them the best, adventurous, local and international eats – right to their doorstep. Here are the gift boxes that will make their mouths water and hearts happy, no matter what fall occasion you’re giving for. 

Teacher Appreciation

Fall means back to school, and a gift box can be a thoughtful way to show the teacher in your life how much you appreciate the work they do for the community. 
Meinhardt’s Thank You Gift Box is the perfect token of appreciation, whether it’s your child’s teacher or if your loved one is a teacher returning to school. This limited-time gift box comes with a luxurious collection of hand soap, lotion, and delicious treats.  

Celebrate fall foliage

Leaf peeping in Stanley Park, Vancouver, and all-over British Columbia is a time-honoured tradition for a reason. Vancouver’s fall foliage attracts visitors from around the world, and locals love it when the forests and mountains erupt in fiery colours. 

To celebrate fall, give the gift of Vancouver to your loved ones. Our Best of Local and Best of the West gift boxes are full of local eats that you can’t find anywhere else. Every treat in these boxes is made and sold in Vancouver or Western Canada. If someone in your life is from Vancouver, but had to move or travel extensive elsewhere, cure their homesickness with some local eats. 

Fall hikes

Fall isn’t just the perfect time to admire the foliage. It’s also the last gasp of warmish weather before winter hits. Spend some time enjoying nature before snow and ice hits. And while you’re lacing up your hiking shoes and filling your water bottle, remember the basics: food is fuel. 
The hiker in your life can hit the trail with some fuel from our Healthy Choice Gift Box. This gift box comes with treats you can pack in your backpack and some healthy choices your hiker can enjoy after coming home. 

Settle in for Movie Night

The Vancouver International Film Festival is right around the corner. Hundreds of thousands of visitors will flock to Vancouver to see hundreds of films by local and international artists. It’s the perfect time to celebrate our local film scene, so naturally, a lot of people are already preparing to host watch parties. 
If you know someone in or around Vancouver who’s throwing a watch party, even if you’re not there, you can still bring the snacks.  Meinhardt’s Party to Go gift box has everything you need to get the watch party started, including popcorn. Also perfect for fall birthdays and other celebrations, send someone a party in a gift box today!

Fall is right around the corner, so order the perfect gift box today and it will arrive anywhere in Western Canada before the leaves explode in oranges and reds. Pick yours out here!
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