Harvest Time: Perfect Seasonal Recipes with Fall Produce

20, September 2022 01:35 PM
Fall is here. You already see the leaves changing and feel the crispness in the air every morning. Whether you live in the heart of Vancouver or can take in fall’s beauty in rural and suburban areas, it’s time to visit cider mills and break out some delicious fall recipes to whip up. Bonus points: Vancouver is an excellent place to find locally-grown fall eats.

Vancouver is in hardiness zones 6-8, so food mainly grows from February to November. You can even find a few veggies that grow all winter. Even though fall is traditionally harvest season, the hardiness means people in Vancouver can enjoy seasonal produce for most months of the year.
That said, the most local variety in Vancouver grows in early September, and more goodies can still be found as late as November. Let’s shine a light on some popular fall seasonal choices and see what we can make to welcome fall.


Who doesn’t love a crisp, crunchy apple in the fall? In Vancouver, you can find dozens of apple varieties, including traditional selections like Jonagold and more regionalized variations like the Airlie Red Flesh. This unique variety is originally from Oregon but grows spectacularly in Southwest Canada. Unlike most other apples, the inside is a stunning pink colour that will surely pop in a fruit salad.

That’s why we’re sharing an easy autumn fruit salad idea that will awe your friends … or make you smile at lunch time. Simply cut up some Airlie Red Flesh apples, toss them with feta cheese or sharp white cheddar cubes for savoury, creamy bites throughout. We recommend about 10g of cheese per apple, 15 if you’re feeling generous with the cheese.

For extra colour, toss with some freshly cut basil and some golden or hunza raisins. No dressing needed – you can throw a splash of lemon juice on it to prevent browning – or if you want the dressing, you can drizzle with a little balsamic glaze, or mix in olive oil or apple cider vinaigrette for an extra zip.


Grows from late July through late October. Since it’s ripe by July, it’s often seen as a summer veggie as well as a common meat substitute on the grill. However, eggplant can be enjoyed in the fall in hot dishes like soups, casseroles, and Indian dishes.

Eggplant is a great send-off to summer grilling, and now’s the time to make the most out of your grill before it gets too cold. This Baingan ka Bharti recipe from My Heart Beets makes a hearty, savoury vegetarian meal. Although this recipe calls for baking or broiling the eggplant in your oven, you can prepare the eggplant on the grill instead.  

And, if you’re making the masala from scratch, you’re in luck, too. You can harvest tomatoes and onions in early fall, and you can prepare them on skewers on the grill for an extra smokey flavour in your meal.

Hazelnuts and walnuts

Several varieties of walnuts and hazelnuts grow locally in Vancouver, and walnuts and hazelnuts go brilliantly in fruit and veggie salads. Nuts are also a healthy addition to side dishes made from seasonal eats like brussels sprouts and cabbage.

Did you know you can pickle hazelnuts? We found a unique recipe from Castello Cheese for picked rose hips with hazelnuts. And although black walnuts grow mainly in Eastern North America, there are black walnut trees in Vancouver, so you can make delicious pickled walnuts, too.
Likewise, you can candy hazelnuts and walnuts for a sweet treat or to top a sweet and savoury salad – or make tasty nut butter recipes that are perfect for storing through the winter.  

Pumpkins and squash

What’s fall without gourds? From pumpkin pie to pumpkin spice lattes, fall is all about pumpkins. As a bonus, butternut squash at this time of year makes our mouths water. Thanks to pumpkins and squash keeping well, and the availability of canned and frozen pre-cut gourds, these veggies can make a scrumptious, easy dinner for nights where you’re just not feeling up to cooking.

If you batch pumpkin or squash soup, you can bring it to work for a hearty lunch, and change it up with different toppings. Try topping your soup with roasted pumpkin seeds, cheddar cheese, parmesan crisps, bacon bits, or if you’re feeling adventurous, potato chips or popcorn!

Need ingredients?

Stop by Meinhardt in South Granville or Pacific Centre to pick up some delicious locally-grown produce today. The possibilities are endless and range from warm, comforting soup and tasty fruit salads. And if you’re not interested in cooking at all, we have a catering menu that includes solo entrée salads. Pick one up for dinner for five for the week!

And with our selection of local seasonal produce, the sky’s the limit as far as what you can come up with. Grab cabbage and brussels sprouts and roast them with in-season nuts or apples. Rub cut potatoes in herbs and Meinhardt olive oil and bake with sharp cheddar and fresh, cubed pumpkin or squash. Put pumpkin spice on your stovetop popcorn with some butter. The possibilities are endless to taste fall!

Have questions? Want to share a recipe? Contact us today and share your favourite fall recipes. Then, stop by and see what you can make.

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