Adults Love Halloween Too: Festive Food Ideas for Kids at Heart

25, October 2022 09:14 AM
There’s a chill in the air. As you drive or walk through your neighbourhoods, you’ll see festive and frightful sights signaling the middle of fall. Carved pumpkins have appeared on porches, giant spiderwebs and eyes glow in windows, and soon, little witches, superheroes, and ghosts will skip down your street chanting “trick or treat!”
Halloween is here, and so is spooky fun and eating more candy in one sitting than your stomach can handle. According to Canadian Geographic, Canadians spent more than $350 million on candy at Halloween. More surprising? Halloween is only the second-highest grossing holiday for candy consumption in Canada. The first is Christmas.

But candy and treats aren’t just for kids. Adults can get in on the Halloween action, too. From parties to intense haunted houses and horror movie marathons, there’s plenty to enjoy about Halloween if you’re an adult. The great news? You can prepare a frightfully fun Halloween event for the kids at heart in your lives.

Trail Mix Treats

Who said candy was just for trick or treating? Sprinkle a fun Halloween treat in your mix and hit the trail! It’s already getting chilly and for some hikers, this means final hikes are coming due before winter hits. For others, it’s just another day before you have to swap a light jacket for a coat. Either way, you can put some seasonal fun in your trail mix, organize your friends, and go for a last hurrah on your favourite hiking trail.

Stop by Meinhardt and pick out an assortment of various Sugarfina gummies with some chocolate chunks and various sliced nuts for decadent fuel on your hike. Want to get creative with the chocolate chunks? Grab an assortment of local and international chocolate bars. Break the bars up into chunks and mix them with nuts, granola, and more sweet goodness for a sweet ending to warm(ish) weather on the trail.

Horror Movie Night

Throw on your streaming stations and dig out your DVDs for a horror movie marathon of your choice! Whether you want a lighthearted, not-so-scary trip down Halloween memory lane or an all-day gorefest, popcorn, sweets, and treats are a must!

Skippy’s caramel popcorn is a great choice to binge horror movies with your pals – no prep work required! If you want to make your own popcorn with a fancy, unique twist, try Provisions Golden Popcorn in rose gold with Provisions popcorn spice. Prepare in an air popper or on the stove. Want to create a festive touch? Take popcorn seeds and dye them in orange, green, purple, and black food colouring before throwing them in the popper or on the stove.

And what’s more festive than apples? Set up some chocolate or caramel apples for your movie marathon. The BBC has a delectable chocolate apple recipe here. Experiment with local and international chocolate- and unique local apple varietals. 

Spooky Cocktails

Use cherries or olives to make a “spooktacular” punch or cocktails for your Halloween party. Griottines Cherries in Liqueur is an excellent choice to make a cocktail look bloody, especially if you use a splash of the liqueur the cherries are marinaded it in for colour. Non-drinkers will love a “mocktail” with Ceder’s Distilled Non-Alcoholic Gin.

Sweet treats at Meinhardt

Looking for Halloween-themed cakes, cookies, sweets, and more? You can find our festive selections in Pacific Centre and South Granville locations. Does your celebration call for a cake? Find customizable Halloween cakes at both locations – perfect for late October and Halloween birthdays!  No cake required? Look for some themed cookies and cupcakes. The cookies are shaped like ghosts, pumpkins, bats, and more festive shapes. Enjoy them while Spooky Season lasts!

Planning a Halloween party for the kids or kids at heart in your life? Stop by Meinhardt in Pacific Centre or South Granville for our full selection of Halloween treats and eats for your next Monster bash!
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