Gift Boxes During the Holidays: More for Your Money

7, November 2022 04:23 PM
You’ve seen it everywhere. The economy is on a roller-coaster ride and pundits and economists are calling for a new recession. You may be feeling the pinch at work, from hiring freezes to hearing rumblings about layoffs. To add to the stress, the holidays are here!

Despite the economy, gift-giving is still a crucial part of the holidays. Plus, you never know what endearing a key client, employee, or your boss will do for your career long term. Whether you’re saying thank you to a key client or employee, or impressing the boss with a thoughtful gift, Meinhardt has all the offerings for a great corporate gift-giving season.

Invest in your work relationships with a gift box

According to this article by Forbes, gift-giving isn’t going away, especially when times are tough. Firstly, people are social creatures and our brains are hardwired for connection. Giving gifts is one way we as a species show our appreciation for each other. By purchasing a gift box for a key employee, stakeholder, or your boss, you’re investing in your working relationship. But that still leaves this question: what should you give them this year?

Gifts during a recession tend to be more practical, and these offerings include food and beverages. Plus, stretching gifts like giving the office one, big holiday gift to share, will become more popular. Meinhardt’s Deluxe Plus gift box can go a long way when it’s being opened and shared at the office holiday party, for example.

Stretch your dollar

Every Meinhardt gift box comes with an assortment of different treats. Even a small Tea Time gift box comes with five different items, plus an assortment of three teas. If your boss likes a mid-afternoon cup of Earl Grey or a soothing herbal blend before that big meeting, this small gift box will go a long way to make the recipient feel noticed and like the crucial part of the team that they are!

Also, even if your gift box is just for one person, they go a long way. The Wine O’Clock Box features a ton of nonperishable delights to last a long time. Whether you go with one wine or two, savoury treats like Noble Jerky, Meinhardt Vegetable Antipasto, and Meinhardt Savoury Jam will go a long way one a charcuterie board or in the pantry for a little pick-me-up here and there.

Reusable boxes

Gift boxes keep on giving when they come in a premium wood box. You can paint them, re-stain them, or leave them as-is and use them for a ton of home and office needs. Smaller boxes can function as a classy place to put pencils, pens and white-out to declutter a desk. Larger boxes can go in the pantry to organize smaller nonperishables, go in your bedroom for keepsakes, or in the bathroom to organize surplus supplies. The stained wood finish beats cardboard any day. Find reusable boxes with Meinhardt’s Tea Time, Wine O’Clock, Deluxe, Foodie Adventure, and Party to Go boxes.

Want to select the perfect gift box for your corporate event or pick the gift that keeps on giving for a special someone? Visit Meinhardt Fine Foods and order the perfect gift box soon! We deliver boxes locally and mail them in location around Vancouver and Western Canada. See our site for details and order in time for the season. Live locally? Stop by our locations in Pacific Centre and South Granville and discover the tasty eats we offer every day.

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