Cheese Curd Recipe Ideas

25, May 2018 10:45 AM

Calling all cheese lovers out there — Meinhardt's Cheese Curds are on special this week! It's no secret that cheese curds are great for topping off your poutines, but that isn't the only thing that cheese curds are good for. There're many ways to include cheese curds in your recipes. We put together a list recipe ideas for your next kitchen experiement!

Now, before we dig into recipe ideas, here's a couple interesting facts about cheese curds we learned this week.

Did you know?

  1. There's a day dedicated to cheese curds in America. It's called National Cheese Curds Day and it lands on October 15th every year.

  2. Cheese Curds take a lot of milk to make. Ten pounds of milk is required to produce one pound of cheese curds.

  3. Cheese curds make a "squeak" when you bite into it and it rubs against the teeth. The reason for this is due to the air trapped inside the porous material. Many have reported that the squeak property is what makes them enjoy eating cheese curds so much

  4. Cheese curds originated from Quebec in the 1960s; the province had an excess amount of milk at the time, which gave them an opportunity to experiment with different kinds of cheeses. Ladies and gentleman, this is how cheese curds came to be.

Who would've guessed? Cheese curds are quite the magical ingredient to eat and cook with. Other than poutines, they're also great for these dishes below.

Pair with Salad

Super simple with no cooking required. Simply mix in or top off your salad with some delicious cheese curds. We found a delicious recipe on Kitchen Genius by Boomette. It's a quick and convenient recipe and only takes 15 minutes to prepare!


Palak Paneer

We know how much you love our Palak Paneer from our hot bar. Why not try making it at home yourself and a add a little twist to it? Renowned food blogger Manali has a splendid recipe for Palak Paneer available on her website. Instead of cottage cheese, you can substitute it with cheese curds into the Palak Paneer to finish. Taadaa, you've made yourself a fusion Palak Paneer with a surprising twist. 


Deep Fry Them

I mean, who doesn't like deep fried anything and everything? Deep fried cheese curds are in no way an exception. Get the perfect balance between crispy and gooey using Food Network's recipe

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