How to Get Free Parking by Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver 

16, July 2018 05:09 PM

Beach season is here! There aren’t many beaches with free parking in Vancouver. We’ve all had those days where we drive to the beach for a barbecue and end up paying a fortune just to enjoy a beach day. 

West Vancouver Beautiful Ambleside Beach

Here in West Vancouver at Ambleside beach, most parking is restricted to two hours only. Today, we have a little insider secret just for you in where there’s free unlimited parking in the area. Here are the step-by-step instructions of where you can park to visit Meinhardt Ambleside before hitting up the beach!

Ambleside Beach Free Parking West Vancouver

Going down Marine Dr, you can turn left/right when you hit 13th street. 

Ambleside West Vancouver Free Meinhardt Parking Retail Beach

There’s a bit of construction in the area. As you move forward, there’s a little road before the train tracks, turn right (where the right truck is in the picture below). 

Ambleside West Vancouver Free Meinhardt Parking Retail Beach Instructions

Here's another picture to give you a better idea of what it looks like when you turn right. You have to go between the "Sidewalk Closed" side and blue gates. 

Once you drive past the construction site, you’ll see an entrance to a indoor underground parking lot right before Earls. Enter this indoor parking lot. 

West Vancouver Free Beach Parking Indoor Lot

After entering, turn left towards retail parking. You'll see signs that say retail parking.

There are over 50 spots avaialble in this parking lot. You can park here...

Retail Parking Ambleside Beach Vancouver Instructions

Or here...

Ambleside Retail Beach Parking West Vancouver Free

Or here! You can park anywhere labeled as retail parking free for two hours. For easy elevator access, you can park between spots #145 - #155.

Ambleside Beach West Van Free Parking

After you've parked your car, you can head towards the bright entrance with the glass door for the retail elevator.

Ambleside Beach Free Parking West Vancouver

Elevator free parking Ambleside Beach

Press "1" on the elevator...

Free West Vancouver Ambleside Parking Instructions

And voila! You've made it to Ambleside's new Grosvenor square. If you look to your left...

Free West Vancouver Ambleside Parking Instructions

You'll see the side of our store! You've made it. 

Free West Vancouver Ambleside Beach Parking Instructions

Welcome to Meinhardt Ambleside. Feel free to browse our freshly prepared food, artisan ice cream, specialty grocery items and more before visiting the beach! We hope this step-by-step plan helped. 

Free West Vancouver Ambleside Parking Instructions Meinhardt Store

Meinhardt Ambleside

Address: 1350 Marine Dr West Vancouver 
Hours: Monday - Friday 7am - 9pm | Sunday 8am - 8pm


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