3 Ways to Transform Your Panettone

2, December 2018 05:24 PM

Writer + Editor: Melody Yip - Vancouver, BC
Whether or not you love panettone, it always seems to be around. Stacked up in beautiful boxes in grocery stores and often given as gifts in the holiday season. Frequently when they land in our hands we’re not quite sure what to do with them (especially if we’ve been gifted a few). This year, don’t let these underrated fruit cakes go to waste. Here are three ways to use up this festive treat.

1. French Toast

This may seem like the most obvious way to use panettone but it often gets missed. Because Panettone is so light and fluffy and packed with flavour it’s perfect for making a Christmas morning breakfast.

Just slice your cake into thick slices, dunk into your egg mixture, and cook it until both sides are a beautiful golden brown. You can top your panettone french toast with whatever you like, but we love a beautiful fresh fruit compote, orange zest, and whipped cream. Delicious.

2. Trifle

Christmas celebrations just aren’t complete without the star of the show: a beautiful trifle. Instead of using the classic angel food or sponge cake try panettone in this years Christmas treat. Fill a clear trifle dish with chunks of the cubed light fruitcake soaked in brandy layered with fresh fruit, and whipped cream make for a tasty and quick way to end your holiday feast.

3. Stuffing

Okay, we know this one sounds weird, but just trust us. The sweetness of panettone pairs well with traditional savoury holiday flavours like cranberry, orange, sage, and thyme. Cut the panettone into small chunks and pop them into a low temperature (250 degrees F) oven to dry it out. Once the cake is dry use it as you would any other bread in your turkey stuffing. We like mixing ours with chopped yellow onion, carrots, celery, whole cranberries, fresh sage, fresh thyme, and orange zest.

Want to try these ideas out at home? You can stop by our stores to check out our panettone collection this year. We have over 50 types of panettone available at all three locations!
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