5 Gourmet Gift Boxes That Will “WOW” Friends and Family this Christmas

10, December 2021 02:15 PM

Gifts make people feel appreciated. They’re a great way to show friends, family, and loved ones that you care. Whether you’re giving a friend a small ‘thank you’ for inviting you to a party or are celebrating the holidays with close family members, gifts always seem to bring people together. 

Gift boxes are a great way to make holiday gift-giving even more magical. Filled with a collection of festive local and internationally sourced products, the perfect gift box can spark joy. Gift boxes are a great way to show that you know and care about someone enough to find multiple items that cater to their interests and needs. 

Sending a gift box is the perfect way to wish someone a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays so they can celebrate in style.

Here are our top 5 gift boxes that are perfect for gifting to friends, family, and loved ones this holiday season.

Toast of the season gift box

1.) Toast Of The Season Gift Box

This delightful holiday gift box is filled with scrumptious cookies and sweets that appear only once per year. If you are shopping for festive treats to please palates of all ages, this one is for you! 

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” quite like an array of cookies, chocolate, and sweets. 

This festive gift box features Sal De Ibiza Chips and a bottle of Rotkäppchen De-Alcoholised Rosé Sparkling Wine which has a fruity flavour with hints of raspberry and strawberry. 

Tea Time Gift Set

2.) Tea Time Gift Set

Revitalize and relax with this Tea Time gift box. It features a combination of elegant products with quality ingredients and a gourmet appeal. All the products are packed in a wooden tea storage box with a dark stain. 

This gift box is the perfect self-care gift for tea lovers and anyone looking for a comforting sweet treat. This is a great gift for baby showers, Mothers Day, birthdays, or as a sweet “thank you” gift for a friend or family member.

This gift box features a Justea Herbal Tea Caffeine Free Trio and an Olive Tree Honey Dipper which is handcrafted in France using premium olive wood along with an assortment of other teatime favourites.

3.) Best of Local Gift Box

Give the gift of finely curated, locally crafted foods from British Columbia. Made with pride and love, this box is sure to delight any recipient.

This is a gift that really is perfect for any occasion. it’s packed with sweet and savoury British Columbian delights and will please even the pickiest friends and family members. This is a great gift box for recipients that value supporting local businesses. 

The Best Of Local gift box features Salt Spring Kitchen Co. Jam and Sarah’s Fine Foods Naan Crisps which are preservative-free and are baked - not fried as well as a wide selection of other local BC products. 

The Deluxe Plus Gift Box

4.) The Deluxe Plus Gift Box

This is the perfect gift for that friend or family member that just can’t get enough! The Deluxe Plus gift box contains the finest offerings of exquisite products and is Meinhardt Fine Food’s largest gift box option, it’s sure to impress. 

This elegant gift box is over the top and will captivate those who are fond of fine foods. It’s a splendid way of spoiling those you love and thanking those who make a difference. 

This gift box features a Cheers! by Sugarfina® Candy Bento Box, a gorgeous Sal De Ibiza Salt Grinder, and delicious Cartwright & Butler Biscuits along with 23 other gourmet food selections. 

Holiday Sweet Treats Gift Box

5.) Holiday Sweet Treats Gift Box

Make a lasting impression with this cheerful gift box. A splendid collection of cookies, chocolate and candy to add good cheer at this special time of year.

This festive gift box will bring a smile to anyone’s face. It has everything you need to celebrate the holidays with loved ones and say “Merry Christmas”. 

The Holiday Sweet Treats gift box features Kras Cherry Griotte Mediterranean sour cherry and liquor-filled dark chocolates. 

Meinhardt Fine Food’s products are carefully chosen for their individuality and gourmet appeal. We take great care with local delivery of our beautifully wrapped “open-style” gift boxes. Whether you choose a standard box or a wooden crate, you’ll find your gift is both stylish and reflective of the quality of the products contained within. Discover some of our other fine gift boxes right here.

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