Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

20, January 2022 03:06 PM

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to spoil the ones you love. Whether it’s your significant other, your best friend who has always been your ride-or-die, or your mother who has cared for you since day one, everyone deserves to feel special on Valentine’s Day.
It can sometimes be a challenge to find the perfect gift for this special day. Flower bouquets and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are classic gifts, but there are so many more unique ways to share the love on February 14th.
A gift box is the perfect way to show your love and appreciation to the most important people in your life. Gift boxes contain multiple gifts that are customized to the receiver’s interests and they can include a combination of traditional and unexpected items that are sure to ‘WOW’.
Here are our top picks for Valentine’s Day gift boxes in 2022.


Season Sparkles Gift Box

Get the party popping! Festive and fancy, this gift box comes with a bottle of either LaMarca Prosecco or Castelnau Brut Reserve Champagne. The only thing you’ll need for either of these boxes is a note to express your love!
Your loved one can enjoy this beautifully curated selection of snacks and treats including Cucina & Amore Artichoke Bruschetta and bellini-inspired Meinhardt Peach Prosecco Sparkling Jam while sipping on a glass of bubbling prosecco or champagne.


Foodie Adventure Gift Box

If you are wanting to give a foodie-themed gift this is the one for you! Any  loved one in your life will be sure to enjoy this lovely crate filled with local and internationally sourced brands.
This gift box features Monograno organic Italian Pasta and organic Jesse Tree Olives along with a wide selection of foodie favourites.


Wine O’Clock Gift Box

This romantic gift is sure to put a smile on the wine-love in your life’s face. Open, serve and enjoy good vibes and everything gourmet! Select one or two  bottles of BC wine to pair with some of our favourite nibbles.
This gift has everything you’ll need to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Instead of simply gifting a bottle of wine, this gift box is sure to impress with a wide selection of gourmet goodies and a beautiful wooden crate box.
This gift box features Sable & Rosenfeld Tipsy Tapas Cheese Stuffed Sweet Peppers and 34 Degree Savory Crisps along with a wide selection of sweet and savoury treats and a bottle (or two) of BC wine.
Note: This gift box can only be shipped within British Columbia.

Tea Time Gift Set

Revitalize and relax with the Tea Time gift box. It features a combination of elegant products with quality ingredients and a gourmet appeal. All the products are packed in a wooden tea storage box with a dark stain.
This gift box is the perfect self-care gift for tea lovers and anyone looking for a comforting sweet treat. This gift box is a great way say “I love you” and to show your appreciation for th special ones in your life.  
This gift box features a Justea Herbal Tea Caffeine Free Trio and an Olive Tree Honey Dipper which is handcrafted in France using premium olive wood along with an assortment of other teatime favourites.


The Deluxe Gift Box

The Deluxe Plus gift box contains Meinhardt Fine Food’s finest offerings of exquisite products and is sure to impress your loved ones on February 14th.
This elegant gift box is over the top and will captivate those who are fond of fine foods. It’s a splendid way of spoiling the ones you love the most.
This gift box features a Cheers! by Sugarfina® Candy Bento Box and Ceder’s Distilled Non-Alcoholic Gin along with 18 other showstopping gourmet food selections.
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